Program Information

The English Program is designed for students who want to increase their English proficiency quickly and effectively for academic, professional or social purposes. Forum’s integrated communicative approach focuses on dialogues, role-plays, simulations and other interactive techniques that bridge the gap between knowing and using language structures in appropriate contexts. This program works on improving reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary skills.

The Semi-Intensive English Program focuses more on general English for social and professional purposes with less of an emphasis on English for academic preparation. This program provides a concise overview of critical language skills that can be used in a variety of settings. Although the Semi-Intensive program is not as comprehensive as the Intensive Program, learners will have a strong foundation of language use in various settings.


The Semi-Intensive program consists of 16 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior each of which are divided into four sub-levels.

Students are placed into the appropriate level according to the results of the placement test. Each level is 5 weeks long and provides 75 hours of instruction with 15 hours of study per week. Classes are held three hours every day Monday through Friday.

The Semi-Intensive program is a non-credit program offered all year-round. Please call or e-mail to check the availability of levels and class times; the levels and class times offered will depend on the enrollment for each session.

To see the proficiency scale for all levels in this program please see the Student Handbook located under the 'About Us' tab.


The purpose of the Beginner levels is to teach students basic speech patterns and foundations of grammar to understand and participate in casual conversations in practical scenarios such as ordering food, running everyday errands, going to the doctor, interviewing for a job and more. Students will learn how to express and ask about personal information, past events, upcoming plans and directions. Students will acquire basic reading and writing skills in order to understand, explain and write short texts. Practice in these levels includes discussing simple topics, reading and retelling stories, writing short passages, listening to various dialogues and mimicking the conversation topics in role-plays.


The purpose of the Intermediate levels is to enable students to expand their vocabulary and bridge the gap between knowing and using their language skills in appropriate contexts. These levels gradually develop creative presentation and writing skills so that students will be able to deliver engaging presentations and compose formal essays. Students will learn to listen, understand and summarize interviews, talks and video materials presented in specific contexts and recognize idiomatic language. Practice will include presenting on assigned topics, understanding and summarizing authentic materials and drafting organized essays.


The purpose of the Advanced levels is for students to acquire knowledge on contemporary and controversial issues through intriguing multimedia materials enabling them to discuss a range of complex and controversial topics with more accuracy and better comprehension. Students will learn how to compose, edit and revise well-structured essays. These levels will also equip students with the necessary research skills to complete presentations for professional and academic settings. Practice will include synthesizing the information retrieved from different audio, video and written materials, integrating listening exercises with speaking and writing activities and writing formal and personal essays on a variety of topics.


The purpose of the Superior levels is for students to refine their abilities in stating their positions on a variety of topics utilizing specialized vocabulary and precise language use when expressing themselves in debates, presentations and essays. Students will develop strong critical thinking and discourse skills by participating in dynamic discussions on a wide range of multifaceted topics. Students will also clearly understand the difference between grammar categories and concepts and use them meaningfully while correcting their errors in speaking and writing. These levels prepare students with the necessary skills to write integrated essays as well as provide them with an expanded business and academic vocabulary. Practice will include conducting research from various sources to prepare presentations and essays, participating in debates on academic and contemporary topics, undertaking formal and creative writing and learning how to dispute issues by stating a clear position.